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Chủ đề COAD Industrial Automatic Door, Exhibited in 'Propak Asia 2018' in Thailand
Ngày 2019-07-18
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COAD Industrial Automatic Door, Exhibited in 'Propak Asia 2018' in Thailand.


COAD has announced that it will exhibit high-speed automatic doors at 'ProPak 2018' which will be held from June 13 to 16 in Bangkok.

ProPak Asia 2018, the 26th anniversary of the year, is the largest processing, filling and packaging exhibition in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

It is an international exhibition where more than 70 buyers from all over the world including Asia, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Europe, America, Middle East and Africa can meet in one place. Last year, 2000 exhibitors from 45 countries participated. Approximately 45,000 packed visitors from all over the world visited the showroom.

At this year's show, COAD will show speed doors and overhead doors. COAD factory It is a high-speed automatic door with automatic door opening / closing speed of 3m / c. It is installed at the entrance of the factory and the inside of the food company and it is installed in a place where frequent vehicle movements such as logistics and forklifts are installed.

The overhead door uses the high density polyurethane panel and has the best structure strength and heat insulation effect. In case of COAD-20, the panel is folded and opened, so the storage space of the panel is minimized, , Piping, hoist and other facilities.